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Whimsical Poppy Art on Spun Polyester Pillow

Whimsical Poppy Art on Spun Polyester Pillow

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  14" × 14"
Width, in 14.00
Length, in 14.00

Immerse yourself in whimsical charm with our Spun Polyester Pillow featuring poppy art. This pillow showcases playful and imaginative poppy drawings that bring joy and cheerfulness to any space. The vibrant colors and whimsical style create a visually captivating composition that adds a touch of lightheartedness to your home. Crafted from premium spun polyester, this pillow offers not only aesthetic appeal but also exceptional comfort and durability. Its soft and plush texture provides a comfortable resting place, while the sturdy construction ensures long-lasting enjoyment. Embrace the whimsy of poppy art with our Whimsical Poppy Art Spun Polyester Pillow.


.: 100% Polyester cover
.: 100% Polyester pillow included
.: Double sided print
.: Concealed zipper
.: Note: Pre-constructed item. Size variance +/- 0.5"

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