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Harmony of the Elements: Japanese Tapestry-Inspired Whiskey Glass

Harmony of the Elements: Japanese Tapestry-Inspired Whiskey Glass

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Elevate your whiskey-drinking experience with a touch of artistry and cultural allure with our "Harmony of the Elements" Japanese Tapestry-Inspired Whiskey Glass. This exquisite glass is more than just a vessel for your favorite spirits; it's a celebration of the harmonious blend of Japanese culture and the timeless beauty of nature's elements.

Inspired by the captivating artistry of traditional Japanese tapestry, this whiskey glass features a stunning scene of an ocean, majestic mountains, a tranquil temple, and a radiant moon. The high-quality printing captures every intricate detail, creating a visual masterpiece that transports you to a serene landscape with each sip. Celebrate the perfect blend of art and whiskey enjoyment with this inspired glass, and experience the allure of Japanese tapestry art with every sip, infusing your whiskey-drinking moments with the timeless elegance of nature's harmony.

Height, in 3.50
Rim diameter, in 2.36
Bottom diameter, in 2.52


.: Material: 100% glass
.: One size: 6oz (0.17l)
.: Glossy print
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts
.: NB! Hand wash only

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